Nils Dunkel –​​​​​​​ Sailing on Sand
released in summer 2024
28 pages, A6, ISBN 978-3-949849-07-7
accompanying the solo exhibition at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
Nils Dunkel –​​​​​​​ Vanity Art Fair
released in spring 2024
20 pages, A6, ISBN 978-3-949849-09-1
Art Fair with Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman at Art Düsseldorf
Nils Dunkel –​​​​​​​ to float even more
released in winter 2023
28 pages, A6, ISBN 978-3-949849-06-0
accompanying the solo exhibition at [tart vienna] Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Vienna

Nils Dunkel –​​​​​​​ ich dich gesehen habe
released in winter 2022
20 pages, A4, ISBN 978-3-949849-00-8
feat. a work by Rémy Zaugg, with a text by Norman Rosenth​al​
Nils Dunkel  Fragments
released in autumn 2019
20 pages​​​​​​​, A6, ISBN 978-3-949849-05-3
accompanying the solo exhibition at Galerie Aurel Scheibler, Berlin